The Asian Center regularly holds lectures, conferences, roundtables, and other academic-related activities, all of which have been listed below. All conferences and the like are free and open to the public unless otherwise stated within the press release. 

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Why Chinese Citizens Are So Positive Toward The Party and Government | 24 February 2016
Mindanao: Nationalism, Jihadism and Frustrated Peace | 15 February 2016
The Influence of History, Religion, and Beliefs on Policy-Making in Post-Independence Sri Lanka | 26 January 2016
What Binds Is Greater Than What Divides Us: A Conference on Asian Development and Peace | 29 January 2016
The UP Asian Center Hosts a Memorial for Benedict Anderson | 22 December 2015
"Southeast Asian Studies in Asia" Conference: 12-13 December 2015, Kyoto
Paano Lumakas ang Loob ng Mahiyaing Manok: A Public Forum on Writing a Successful Children’s Book | 1 December 2015
Financial Inclusion, Migrant Worker Reintegration and Economic Development: A Public Conversation | 23 November 2015
Flavors of Harmony: Selected Asian Dishes | 14 November 2015
TILAOK: An Art Exhibit Inspired by “Ang Mahiyaing Manok” | 13 November-11 December 2015

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