The Asian Center regularly holds lectures, conferences, roundtables, and other academic-related activities, all of which have been listed below. All conferences and the like are free and open to the public unless otherwise stated within the press release. To receive invitations to these lectures directly to your inbox:


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Display #
The Impact of ASEAN Integration on the Philippines: An Interdisciplinary Analysis | Public Forum | 5 November 2015
The South China Sea Dispute: China’s Perspective | A Public Lecture | 28 October 2015
In Search of Common Symbols in Southeast Asia: A Public Forum | 12 November 2015
Democratization Advocates In Vietnam, 1990s-2014 | A Public Lecture | 7 October 2015
A Mountain Of Difference? Talking About Lumads And Christianity In The Colonial Period: A Public Lecture | 17 September 2015
Of Shrines and Sculptures: “Kami no Miya” Photo Exhibit Opens 18 September @ UP Asian Center
The UP Asian Center Launches ASEAN Week, 25–28 August 2015
Logic of LONG: The Continuity and Change of China’s Foreign Affairs under Xi Jinping | A Public Lecture
Occupation & Liberation: An International Conference On the Pacific War in the Philippines
Understanding The Greek Tragedy: Lessons From And For The Philippines | A Public Forum

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