Lectures & Conferences @ UP Asian Center

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Watch 'Sweet Medicine,' An Ethnographic Film on Herbal Food Supplements in PH
Chemical Youth: Beauty, Height, Sexuality, and the Anthropology of the Filipino Body | A Symposium (13 Feb)
(Com)modified Bodies in the Philippines: An Installation Exhibit @ UP Asian Center (13–28 Feb)
Bodies in/and Asian Theatres: A Conference @ UP Asian Center | 21–23 Feb
Moving Care between Japan and the Philippines: Policy, Theory and Experience | 15 February 2017
The Final Four: Year-End Lectures, Exhibits, and Forums @ UP Asian Center | 4–7 Dec 2017
Pagsama’t Paglaot: The Sama d’Laut in Batangas | A Photo Exhibit on Cultural Resilience and Adaptability | 6 December 2017
‘DiasFora:’ Perennial Issues and New Dimensions of Filipino Migration | A Forum-Exhibit, 4 December
Unpacking Asia: Emerging Issues in Politics, Security, and Foreign Policy | A Forum-Exhibit, 7 December 2017
The Rohingya Conundrum: Its Significance for International Studies | A Public Lecture, 5 Dec 2017

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