Lectures & Conferences @ UP Asian Center

 The Asian Center regularly holds lectures, conferences, roundtables, and other academic-related activities, all of which have been listed below. All conferences and the like are free and open to the public unless otherwise stated within the press release. 

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Display #
Suk Jai Thailand: A Thai Cultural Fair @ UP Asian Center | 28 Aug 2018
Bamboo Harmony: Angklung Music and Indonesian Dance | A Mini-Concert @ UP Asian Center | 23 Aug
Japan Studies Across Borders: A Research Forum and Book Launch @ UP Asian Center | 16 Aug 2018
Asia on the Rise: Challenges for Philippine Foreign Relations | A Forum-Exhibit @ UP Asian Center | 17–19 May
Contemporary Issues in Non-Traditional Security: Implications for Philippine Foreign Policy | A Forum | 11 May
Mga Naiwang Bakas: Ang Kulturang Iraya at Alangan: A Multimedia Exhibit on Mangyan Culture | 8–12 May 2018
The Philippines and Asia in the 21st Century: A Graduate Students’ Conference @ UP Asian Center | 5 May
Kaleidoscope: Buddhist, Islamic & Hindu Perspectives on Peace and Development: A Roundtable | 28 April
Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific: Emerging Trends and Opportunities: A Conference @ UP Asian Center | 20 April
Learn Indonesian Folklore, Dance, Music, Cuisine, Games, and Language @ UP Asian Center | 16 March

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