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 The Asian Center regularly holds lectures, conferences, roundtables, and other academic-related activities, all of which have been listed below. All conferences and the like are free and open to the public unless otherwise stated within the press release. 

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Display #
Financial Inclusion, Migrant Worker Reintegration and Economic Development: A Public Conversation | 23 November 2015
Flavors of Harmony: Selected Asian Dishes | 14 November 2015
TILAOK: An Art Exhibit Inspired by “Ang Mahiyaing Manok” | 13 November-11 December 2015
"Utsav: A Festival of India" | 10 November 2015
Asian Center's Fun Sunday | 8 November 2015
Religion and the Environment: A Roundtable | 14 November 2015
Timor Leste: Strides Towards Nation-Building and Prospects for ASEAN Accession | 29 October 2015
A State Prosecutor’s View on Extrajudicial Killings: An Introduction of Cases | A Human Rights Colloquium | 3 November 2015
The Impact of ASEAN Integration on the Philippines: An Interdisciplinary Analysis | Public Forum | 5 November 2015
The South China Sea Dispute: China’s Perspective | A Public Lecture | 28 October 2015

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