Reuben Ramas Cañete, Ph.D. (1966–2017)

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Professor, Assistant to the Dean for Research and Publications
Ph.D. in Philippine Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman
Room 205, Hall of Wisdom

Museum Studies • Visual anthropology • Cultural policy and political aesthetics • Intercultural studies • Contemporary Asian and diasporic cultures VIEW FULL PROFILE


  • Ph.D. in Philippine Studies, Tricollege, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2008
  • M.A. in Art History, College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2002
  • BFA Fine Arts, Major in Painting, University of Santo Tomas, 1988


  • Museum studies
  • Visual anthropology
  • Cultural policy and political aesthetics
  • Intercultural studies
  • Contemporary Asian and diasporic cultures


  • PS 213 Filipino Intercultural Encounters
  • PS 215 Philippine Language and Culture
  • Art Stud 212 Aesthetics and Art Theories in Ancient & Modern Cultures
  • Art Stud 240 Art History
  • Art Stud 245 Readings in Aesthetics & Art Theory
  • Art Stud 250 Art Historiography
  • Art Stud 252 Seminar On Issues In Aesthetics And Art Theory
  • Art Stud 255 Seminar in Art Criticism
  • Art Stud 270 Philippine Art and Society
  • Art Stud 283 Arts Market & Audience;
  • Art Stud 284 Collections Management


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