Eduardo C. Tadem, Ph.D.

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Professorial Lecturer
Ph.D. in Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

Room 204, Hall of Wisdom •
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Rural development • agrarian reform, peasantry • Area studies • life histories • Mindanao • social movements and CSOs • globalization from below VIEW FULL PROFILE


  • Ph.D. in Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore
  • M.A. in Asian Studies (Southeast Asia), Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman
  • B.A. in Philosophy, University of the Philippines Diliman


  • Rural development
  • Agrarian reform and the peasantry
  • Official development assistance
  • ASEAN regional integration
  • Theories in area studies
  • Alternative development paradigms
  • Life histories
  • Regional development (e.g., Mindanao)
  • Social movements and civil society organizations
  • Globalization from below


  • AS 210     Theories and Perspectives in Area Studies
  • AS 255.1  Social and Economic Development in SEAsia
  • AS 298     Special Problems in Asia - Alternative Development Paradigms
  • AS 253     Readings in SEAsia - Life Histories in SEAsia
  • AS 201a   Modern Asia 
  • AS 204     Agrarian Development and the Peasantry in Asia
  • AS 260     Seminar on South Asia
  • AS 250     Seminar on SEAsia 1 
  • AS 251     Seminar on SEAsia - Indonesia
  • AS 254     Special Problems in SEAsia - The 1997-98 Econ Crisis
  • PS 225     The Philippine Peasantry
  • PS 302     Theories and Perspectives in Philippine Studies


"Living in Times of Unrest: Bart Pasion and the Philippine Revolution." Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press (Forthcoming). 

Journal Articles

2016. "Political Dynasties in the Philippines: Persistent Patterns, Perennial Problems." Southeast Asia Research, July (co-authored with Teresa Tadem). 

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Book Chapters

2010. “Marxism, the Peasantry and Agrarian Revolution in the Philippines.” In Marxism in the Philippines: Continuing Engagements, edited by Teresa Encarnacion Tadem and Laura Samson. Pasig: Anvil Publishing. 

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Other Publications

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