Philippine Studies Courses

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Core Courses

PS 219Philippine Society and Culture
PS 202Theories and Perspectives in Philippine Studies
PS 299Research Methods

Courses for area of specialization

Socio-cultural Studies

PS 204Philippine Institutions and Social Movements
PS 212Filipino Identities
PS 213Filipino Inter-cultural Encounters
PS 215Philippine Languages and Culture
PS 216The Filipino Diaspora
PS 220Special Topics in Philippine Socio-cultural Studies
PS 221Filipino Artistic Expressions
PS 231Philippine Leadership Cultures

Development Studies

PS 222Theories of Development
PS 224Philippine Industrialization and Urbanization
PS 225Philippine Rural Development
PS 229Special Problems in Philippine Development
PS 249Design and Evaluation of Development Projects
PS 233Issues in Philippine Development
PS 236National and Local Perspectives in Philippine Development
PS 237The Philippines and Global Futures

Foreign Relations

PS 279Special Topics in Philippine Foreign Relations
PS 282The Philippines in the Global South
PS 285Alternative Futures for Philippine Foreign Policy
PS 286Philippine Practice in International Diplomacy and Negotiations