Editor: Michiyo Yoneno-Reyes
Price: PhP 250 | Availability: Out of print but free PDF
Year of Publication: 2013

This book is a compilation of nine articles on Japanese, Korean and Chinese pop culture, offering interdisciplinary analyses of manga, films, TV dramas, and music and examining how these cultural forms are consumed and experienced in a Philippine context.

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Michiyo Yoneno-REYES

Staging Masculinity: KAT-TUN and Dramaturgy in a Japanee Pop Concert
Herlyn Gail ALEGRE

The Circumvention of of the Shojo Image and Violence as a Spectacle in 'Deadman Wonderland' and 'Mirai Nikki'
Francesca AGUILUZ

'Good Wife, Wise Mother' in 2008: Kobayashi Mika in 'Departures' (Okurubito)

Portraits of Homosexual Men in Selected Contemporary Japanese Films
Mario Rico Micu FLORENDO

Film It and They Will Come: Drama-Induced Tourism in South Korea
Myrtle Ann ZABALA

The Identification and Distancing of Filipino Korean Language Students in Watching Korean Telenovelas

Pinoy Cosplay: Profile of Cosplayers in the Philippines
Dorcas Juliette RAMOS

They Who Worship: Profiling the Fandom of Asian Celebrities

*Chaper 4 is not available as a PDF

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