Wherever I am, the world comes after me.
It offers me its busyness. It does not believe that I do not want it.
Now I understand 
why the old poets of China went so far
and high 
into the mountains, then crept into the pale mist.
"The Old Poets of China" by Mary Oliver

Guide to Accessing Theses/Dissertations

To inquire if and how you can access the dissertations, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 8 981 8500 local 3579. The Library does not have access to electronic files of the theses and dissertations, nor can they be accessed since the university is closed due to quarantine.
You can send your request to us, and we can forward it to the author (s) if feasible. Please note that access to the theses is subject to university policies, including this 2015 memorandum.  Theses and dissertations classified as F are readily accessible.

List of Theses/Dissertations (Arranged By Year)

  • Walls within Walls: The Architecture of Intramuros by the End of the Spanish Colonial Regime (MA)
    Arcilla, John Paul

    Moro Heroes in Philippine History Textbooks: The Marginalization of the Historical Narratives of Muslim Filipino Heroes in Social Studies Education (MA)
    Mejorada, Alvin

    Censorship, Obscenity and Power: Regulation of Erotic Films from the Marcos to Estrada Administration, 1972-2001 (MA)
    Ubaldo, Abel

    Mga Lente sa Likod ng Lente: Ang Ningning at Liwanag sa Ilang Piling Retrato ng Manila Carnival (1908-1917) (PhD)
    Moreal N. Camba

    Kababaihan, Potograpiya, at Kasaysayan: Isang Pagsusuri sa Imahen ng Kababaihan sa Potograpiyang Kolonyal sa Harap ng Imperyalismong Amerikano (PhD)
    Mary Dorothy D.L Jose

    Governing Climate Change Adaptation towards Disaster Resilience in Selected Coastal Communities in the Philippines (2006-2020) (PhD)
    Philip Michael I. Paje

    Serepungan: Ang “Katutubo” sa Hugpungan ng mga Diskurso (Isang Pag-aaral sa mga Erumanen ne Menuvu at Teduray-Lambangian) (PhD)
    Mary Jane B. Rodriguez

    Culture as Transformative Innovation: Paglingap in the Practice of Family Medicine in the Philippines (PhD)
    Maria Socorro L. Romabiles

    Becoming to Being Filipino: A Social History of Music in Manila 1860-1940 through Journalistic Print (PhD)
    Maria Patricia B. Silvestre
  • Lustful Lords, Dead Deities: Female Sexuality in Indonesian Folk Literature (MA)
    GRUTAS, Sarah Jean 

    The Converging Role of Traditional Leaders and Non-Traditional Leaders in Conflict Resolution: The Case of Mindanao, Philippines and Maluku, Indonesia (MA)
    PANGANTING, Abulwahid 

    Pramoedya Ananta Toer's Buru Quartet: Literature as Counter-Hegemony and Site of Contestation in Indonesia's New Order (MA)
    UMALI, Marie Bernardine 

    Katwiran ng Kasaysayan: Ang Alegoryang Pangkasaysayan at ang Diskurso ng Kasaysayan, Nasyunalismo, at Bayan sa mga Nobelang Pangkasaysayan sa Wikang Tagalog, 1905–1927 (PhD)
    CERDA, Christoffer Mitch 

    Pagkalalaki at Maka-Diyos: A Dialogical look at Masculinity and Religiosity Among Filipino Males  (PhD)
    FAST, Michael John

    Subli (Ang Pamana): Philippine Culture and Values in the Governance of Filipino-Owned Family Corporations in the Philippines (PhD)
    GALURA, Maria-Teresa 

    Challenges and Prospects in Promoting Cultural Diplomacy Between Indonesia and the Philippines: A Philippine Perspective (PhD)
    LIWANAG, Marichu

    Kadagaan sa Sarita at Pakasaritaan: Ang Kilusang Masa ng San Antonio at Sta. Isabel, Ilagan, Isabela (PhD)
    MANZANO, Joanne 

    Diskarte: Understanding Design Culture through the Chairs of the Filipino Design Exemplars (PhD)
    MENDOZA, Guillerma

    Naratibo ng Lubi sa Ating Gunita: Ang Industriya ng Niyog sa Panitikan at Kasaysayang Pilipino, 1940–2018 (PhD)
    PEÑA, Romeo

    Piso, The Image of Filipino Identity: The Concealed Value of Philippine New Generation Currency (PhD)
    REYES, Minard

     Ang Diviner sa Kaniyang Divinasyon sa Syudad: Isang Naratibo ng Krisis (PhD)
  • The Bangsamoro Project: The Role of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei in the Mindanao Peace Process (MA)

    BAJO, Ann

    Perceiving Patriotism: China’s Patriotic Education Campaign and Insights for Philippine Education (MA)

    MANALO, Marvie

    Identities, Issues, and Interactions in Southeast Asian Facebook Groups and Its Effects (MA)

    UYSECO, Wayne

    Agritourism: Transforming Farmers and Changing Communities (MA)

    CABIGAS - SY, Charmielyn

    The Role of Philippine NGOs in International Disaster Risk Reduction Regime (MA)

    CLAUDIO, Ivy

    ASEAN Intra Regional Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) 2012-2016: The Philippine Case (MA)

    CORTEZ, Danilo, Jr

    Cubao Expo, the Hub in Escolta, Salcedo Art in the Park: Examining Three Art Retail Spaces in Metro Manila as Sites of the Creation of Distinction in the Philippines (MA)


    Contemporary Piña: Exploring Development and Social Change through the Work of Three Actor Innovators (MA)

    LIM, Amihan

    Social Media, Filipino Youth, and Political Participation: An Exploration of University Students’ Political Actions during the 2016 Philippine Election (MA)

    LUCAS, Jerome

    Participation from Below: Typologies and Comparisons of the Local Development Council Planning Process among the Cities and Municipalities of Bulacan (MA)

    YONAHA, Yvan Ysmael

    The Mandukit of Sta. Ursula, Betis Pampanga: Carving Sacred Images, Negotiating Heritage (PhD)

    BOQUIREN, Laya

    The Fourth Horseman: Infectious Diseases and the Philippine American War (PhD)

    LOZADA, Dave III

    Pagtatahip-dunong: Pagsusuri ng mga Awit ng mga Kilusang Bayan sa Kalakhang Maynila mula 1986 hanggang 2016 na Mabisang Magagamit sa Pagtuturo ng Kamalayang Bayan (PhD)


    Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa sa Mindanao (PRMM): The Pursuit of an Alternative Revolutionary Strategy (PhD)


  • Schools and their Influence on Students' ASEAN Awareness: A Study of Quezon City High Schools (MA)

    ANDRES, Brenson

    Assessing the Impact of Thailand's Government Policies and Programs in Local Context: The Case Study of Karen's Baan Huai Lad Nai (MA)

    MACALIB-OG, Ariane

    Viewing Mistresses: Filipina Audiences Constructing Meanings of Gender and Sexuality in Media and Everyday Life (MA)

    ERBITE, Kristina

    Facility-Based Delivery: Implikasyon sa Paghulma sa Pang-Inang Kalusugan (PhD)


    Darna and the Intermediality of the Filipino Superhero Genre (PhD)

    BRILLON, Cherish

    The Bagani Spirit through the Moral Imagination of Philippine Army Officers: Strengthening Military Leadership based on the Agyu Epic (PhD)

    EBRADA, Sandra

    Ganting-Loob at Pamuling-Pamudod: Dalumat at Realidad sa Lipunang Tagalog ng Caciquismong Espanyol, 1571–1896 (PhD)

    ENRIQUEZ, Edelyndon

    The Concept of 'Ilmu' Pagkausug in the Jawi Materials from Sulu (PhD)

    HAIRULLA, Munap

    De(familial)izing the Family: Anak ng OFWs' Emergent Narratives on Parent-Child Communication, Religious Socialization, and Self-Perceived Identities (PhD)

    PINZON, Mary Jannette 

    Sapatero in Marikina City: Enacting Economies in the Philippines' Footwear Capital (PhD)

    RAPISORA-LAGOS, Concepcion

    Malasakit in a Public Utility Company: Expression of Kapwa, Buhay, Ginhawa, Dangal, and Tulong in the Workplace (PhD)

    REYES, Jesusa

  • New Chinese Migrants in the Philippines: Exploring Non-Economic Factors in Migration Decisions based on Personal Narratives (MA)


    The Imperative of the Philippines’ Signature and Ratification of the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance

    BACALSO, Mary

    Ang Amo at ang Maamo: Pangangamuhan at Pagkatao ng mga AETA ng Pampanga (MA)

    DAVID, Kara

    Filipinizing the Korean: Representation of Filipino Culture in a Philippine Remake of Selected Korean Dramas

    PASIGAN, Renz

    Identity, Transformation and Customary Law among Bago Igorots: Examining Conflict Resolutikon Methods in a Changing Ethnoscape

    PAWILEN, Ryan


  • Refusing a Life without Poverty: Scarcity and Abundance in Dolphy’s Situation Comedies (MA)

    ISRAEL, Lorna

    Making the Foreign Familiar: Examination of the Philippine Remake of the Korean Drama First Shop of the Coffee Prince (MA)

    PASIGAN, Renz

    Repackaging Japanese Culture: The Digitalization of Folktales in the Pokémon Franchise (MA)

    SUMILANG, Erika

    Maximizing the Social Life Chances: A case study on the cross-border adaptation of First Generation Indonesian Migrants in the Municipality of Glan, Sarangani Province (MA)

    TADEO, Erika

    Illustrating Recovery: Traditional Japanese Art Styles and Modern Graphic Design Styles in the Graphic Design of Tokyo 1964 (MA)

    TANTOCO, Clio

    Japanese Pop Culture Exposure and Consumption: Influence on Youth Attitudes based on Two Asian Study Survey Datasets (MA)

    VILLOTA, Alleson II

    Kontra-Diskurso: Testimonial Narratives of Filipino Workers (1986-2012)
    MORATILLA, Noel Christian

    The Animation Industry in the Philippines: Institution Building for Skill Formation (PhD)
    SALAO, May

    Women’s Images in Liwayway Short Stories Post-Edsa, 1992-2002 (PhD)
    VERGARA, Evelyn
  • Retokadong Talambuhay, Manipuladong Salaysay: Ang Pananalambuhay kina Manuel M. Quezon at Ferdinand E. Marcos (PhD)


    Filipino Philosophy in the Martial Traditions of the Philippines: The Dungan as Philosophic Principle (PhD)


    Of Forgetting and Remembering: Social Memory, Commemoration, and the Jewish Refugees in the Philippines during the Second World War (PhD)


    Tiangge Online: The Proliferation of Philippine Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Internet (PhD)


    The Role of Post 1990-Bollywood Films in Identity Formation of Second-Generation Indian Transnationals in Metro Manila (MA)


    Pagtatanghal ng Bayan: Ang Pulitika sa Kultura ng mga Ritwal na Pananampalatayang Katoliko sa Angono, Rizal (PhD)


  • Civil Society and Political change in Burma/Myanmar: Exploring the Role of Civil Society in the Transition to a “Disciplined Democracy” (MA)

    ALICIAS, Maria Dolores

    Indian Textiles in the Philippines: Contexts of Encounter and Traces of Practice (PhD)

    CANTA, Marilyn

    Forging Peace in South Thailand: A Case Study of the Building Peace by Teaching Peace Program in Pattani Province (MA)

    FERRER, Jasmine

    The Role of Indonesia and Malaysia in the Peace Process in Southern Philippines: a Comparative Assessment (MA)

    MAAMOR, Asnawi

    Communicating the Popular and the Quotidian in Japan: when Filipino wives engage in image production through Facebook (MA)

    SIOSON, Erica

  • Demystifying the Dorimu Boi: Understanding the Representation of Japanese Pop Idol Masculinity through Visual and Discourse Analysis of Various Media Productions (MA)

    ALEGRE, Herlyn

    The Acculturation of Korean Students in the Philippines and its Implications on Koreanness: The Case of Koreans in an Urban Private School (MA)

    BLANCA, Ringo

    Philippines-China Relations: The Linkage of Economic and Security Interests (MA)

    DE GUZMAN, Charles

    The Globalization of Hangugeo: Exploring the Spread of Korean Language in the Philippines and its Prospects for Promoting Philippine National Interests (MA)

    DOMINGO, Sarah

    Culture in Governance: Marikina’s Ka-angkan festival, Meaning-Making and Urban Policy Process

    ERA, Joy

    Southeast Asia and China: South-South Development Cooperation on New Hegemony? (MA)

    GARCIA, Shayne

    Kalinangang Pinanday sa Ginto: a Cultural History of Gold in Philippine Society (PhD)

    GATBONTON, Esperanza

    Baybayin: Makabayang Hibik sa Tinig ng Sinaunang Titik 1882–2012 (PhD)

    LAPIZ, Eduardo

    Muslim-Christian Intermarriage: Complications and Compromises (MA)

    MAGAT, Edel

    Nihon no imeji (Japan’s images) through Anime: Perceptions of Filipino Students in Selected Universities (MA)

    OBISPO, Joanna

    The Influence of the 1986 People Power Revolution on the Basic Education Curriculum: A Case Study of Two Private Secondary Schools in Metro Manila (PhD)

    PANGANIBAN, Evangeline

    Diverging Narratives: Lives and Identities of Japanese-Filipino Children in the Philippines (MA)

    UBALDE, Marrianne

    Identity and Representation: The Life and Work of Five Philippine Chinese Neo-Realist Visual Artists, 1954–1975 (PhD)

    YOUNG, Stewart

  • Koro at Lipunang Pilipino: An Inquiry into Social Capital and Human Development in Philippine Choirs (PhD)

    DE LEON, Abigail

    Pook at Pagsasakapangyarihan: Ang Kababaihan ng Tundo, 1946–2008 (PhD)


    Philippines-Australia Relations: Coast Watch South (MA)

    NOBLE, Richly

    Mutya: Pamamaybay sa Larangan ng Isang Diwa (PhD)

    ODAL-DEVORA, Grace

    Nalandangan: Kulturang Kapayapaan ng Inay Malinandang ng Talaandig Tungo sa Paglikhang Gabay sa Edukasyong Pangkapayapaan (PhD)

    VILLALUZ, Geraldine, RSCJ

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