Rent Facilities @ UP Asian Center

The UP Asian Center rents out its (1) auditorium, (1) seminar room, and four (4) exhibit halls for various events. Click on any of the images above on the links below; or scroll further down to learn the following for each venue:

  • Rates
  • Venue size and specs
  • Schedule of use
  • Photo gallery
  • Equipment for use
  • Payment terms, and
  • Terms and conditions. 

GT-Toyota Asian Center Auditorium

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The UP Asian Center leases out its auditorium for large conferences, seminars, and academic and corporate events. The venue cannot be rented out for parties, weddings, debuts, and the like. 



The auditorium can accommodate up to 460 people. It also has a pantry, stage, and small dressing rooms each for male and female. Floor area, excluding the stage and others, is 23 meters x 15 meters. VIEW FLOOR PLAN FOR DETAILED MEASUREMENTS


Seminar Room, Hall of Wisdom

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The Seminar Room is ideal for small workshops, meetings, and forums.


The Seminar Room can accommodate 50 to 60 chairs, all of which will fill most of the space. In a roundtable set-up, the room can host between 20 to 30 individuals, behind whom can sit observers and other participants. 


The use of the Seminar Room includes use of ten (10) tables; audio system; airconditioning; wifi; and (1) LCD projector. All other equipment have to be brought in by the organizer of the event, but with the consent of the UP Asian Center. 


Three Exhibition Halls @ UP Asian Center

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The UP Asian Center houses three exhibit halls that can be used for art or photo exhibitions: Philippines Hall, Japan Hall, and China Hall.

Floor Area

The Philippines Hall is about 70 square meters, while the Japan and China Halls are about 80 square meters each. 


Rent of the exhibition hall(s) covers the use of space, security, power, airconditioning, and maintenance; full academic and institutional support to the Exhibition as a College of the University of the Philippines; assistance in providing access to publicity and information dissemination through websites, invitations, social, academic, and educational networks, and other forms of communication dissemination. 

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